Eclipse Phase GM’s Log – 6th June 2012

I’ll say it up front: I was a bit disappointed with last night’s session.

With only two sessions until the end of the term (and thus the end of the game until September) I developed a fairly simple plot that I thought would be interesting. I also felt that if it wasn’t possible to resolve in two weeks then it was likely to give a good opportunity for a cliffhanger ending. Continue reading “Eclipse Phase GM’s Log – 6th June 2012”

Eclipse Phase GM’s Log – 30th May 2012

I decided to employ a weapon against the muggy heat that has been plaguing my games for the last couple of weeks: A desk fan. For a simple solution it was surprisingly effective. I was able to maintain my drive throughout the session and more importantly keep the players going as well. The group’s energy level dropped a bit in the middle of the game and I feared for a few minutes that everything was going to collapse into a soporific stupor Fortunately we were able to recover and move on to a strong end of the Atlantica mission.

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Eclipse Phase GM’s Blog – 16th May 2012

Last session the team traced exsurgent Damon Brandt to the aquatic habitat Atlantica. They found he had dark-casted his ego there using the services of a criminal orca named Bandit. With this knowledge and the Mesh ID of a Firwall sentinel named Grey Man on Atlantica the team prepared to egocast there to catch the target before he could infect the habitat with the Dagon strain of the Exsurgent virus.

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Eclipse Phase GM’s Blog – 9th May 2012

This is the first part of a series of logs relating to my experiences running my Eclipse Phase game “The Centre Cannot Hold”. The game has been running since Eclipse Phase was published in 2009, and focuses on a group of Firewall sentinels operating in and around the Locus habitat in the Jovian Trojans. The basic setup for the game and the characters can be read about here.

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