GM’s Blog – Summer 2012 Part 5

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last found the time to write about my summer games. I’m pleased to say that both games have been going well. Here are my thoughts on the last two sessions of each game.

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GM’s Blog – Summer 2012 Part 4

We managed to get a little bit more done in Monday’s game this week, though it still isn’t quite gelling for me yet. Baby Alexander is cute but very distracting and of course his mum and dad have to spend quite a bit of time keeping him happy, all of which makes it hard to stay focused.

I completely understand this and I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to run the game; I’m glad to give his parents a chance to play a game and regularly see some of their friends.

On to the Wednesday Dragon Blooded game!

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GM’s Blog – Summer 2012 Part 2

I ran the second session of my summer Exalted: The Dragon Blooded game last night and was very pleased with the result indeed. Despite being down two players and having a third on Skype the level of social interaction was excellent. They engaged well with the story and seemed to really get into the mind-set of being powerful scions of the Dynasty and the Immaculate Order.

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GM’s Blog – Summer 2012 Part 1

Summer games can be tricksy beasts. Last Monday I ran the first part of my Part-Time Gods game and I found it somewhat unsatisfying for a variety of reasons, most of which were my fault (primarily a lack of proper preparation and insufficient system mastery). This week due to a couple of absences I didn’t run the game at all, so I haven’t much to report on my Monday summer game.

 Last Wednesday, however, my players had the first opportunity to actually play their Dragon Blooded characters. If I were to sum up the end result in a single word it would be: Hilarious.

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GM’s Blog Part 2

So on to the second session. At the beginning of the night we were on schedule as far as my expectations for the plot. I didn’t have too much planned for the evening except that they would arrive at their destination and receive the invitation to adventure. Spirits were generally high with a lot of banter and conversation before the game began, though one player had been on a night shift the night before and was exhausted.

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GM’s Blog

For many years now I’ve made a habit of taking a break from my regular weekly games to run something completely different during the University holidays. This began because even though I was not a student some or many of my players were, and they weren’t around to play during term breaks.

Even though most of my current players are also alumni and could keep on playing, I have maintained the habit. Running a different game for a while is a bit like eating a sorbet between courses; it cleanses my mental palate and satisfies my urge for novelty, allowing me to return to my regular games with gusto once they resume after the break.

This Easter I have decided to run a short Solar Exalted game comprised of four sessions that, I hope, will carry a single story.

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