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Running “The Secrets of Cats” in Fate Accelerated Edition

3rd September, 2014 5 comments

I chose to use Fate Core for this game because I like the granularity of skills and I knew that I was planning to deal with feline magic as a group of special skills. However, several people have asked for guidance on running the game in Fate Accelerated Edition so here are my thoughts on how you might do that.

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GM’s Blog: Murder & Torture for Fun & Profit

14th November, 2013 2 comments

I got an interesting look into the minds of my players last night.

The group has been recruited by the arch-chancellor of the university they sometimes work for to investigate rumours that a salty old fisherman has dredged up an artefact from Lost Valsheim. If this is true it would be a discovery of monumental importance and of course there is much excitement. The salt has been talking about his discovery in the local tavern (the Winking Maiden) and it is imperative that the group gets to him before their rivals do.
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GM’s Blog – Union Dues (like) Game – Session 4

25th July, 2013 Leave a comment

Last night’s session went well and I’m still enjoying the superhero fun very much. I’m beginning to weave multiple of the Issues chosen by the characters together and forming them into a coherent narrative (even if sometimes logical consistency suffers to a degree due to the improvised nature of what I’m doing).

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GM’s Blog – Union Dues (like) Game – Session 3

18th July, 2013 Leave a comment

If you’re just joining us you can read about the first session here or if you need to catch up the last session is here.

Last week the group finally rendezvoused in Baghdad to try and track down the Metahuman Jihad. In the closing minutes of the previous session Blue Sun found a minion of the terrorists and tracked him back to their lair. Flashbang was stranded outside Baghdad in a minefield and started to make his way to the city and The Purist and Jed & Harvey were wandering around the streets in their cunning burqa disguises while they waited.

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GM’s Blog – Union Dues (like) Game – Session 2

11th July, 2013 3 comments

The blog for session 1 is here.

As you may recall, last week’s session ended neatly with the group heading off for some rest and relaxation following a job well done. We ramped gently up into this week’s session with a bit of a recap on what they were doing during a week’s rest period and then I threw them into an ongoing disaster.

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GM’s Blog – Union Dues (like) Game – Session 1

4th July, 2013 2 comments

Hi all. We had the first actual session of the supers game tonight and it went very well. Everyone was happy with the breadth of their powers and the way using them worked and we didn’t run into any hiccups with balance.
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Allomancy in Fate Core

10th May, 2013 4 comments

Allomancy In Fate Core
Here’s a quick version of Allomancy from Mistborn done in Fate Core – this shows how flexible the system is, if nothing else. This will make little sense for those who haven’t read the Mistborn series but this extremely spoiler-laden Wikipedia article may help.
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