Thoughts on Kent Union Society Management

I’ve recently been Tweeting at Kenny Budd, the current VP for Student Activities at Kent University. I suggested that some improvements could be made to the way the Union handles its societies and he proposed that I drop him an e-mail or meet up with him.

In order to keep it an open discussion I thought I would post my thoughts here to allow Kenny and others to contribute their thoughts and ideas in a written forum.

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The Problem Of Uncertainty

I enjoy reading Internet debates; in particular I enjoy reading what happens when rationality and irrationality collide. The Web serves as no-man’s land in the battles between the forces of religion and atheism; science and pseudoscience; superstition and logic.

As I read and participate in more of these debates I am coming to realise that there exists a fundamental problem affecting the marshalling of evidence for deployment against the enemy. Partly a consequence of the glut of information available online, I refer to it as the Problem of Uncertainty.

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