Allomancy in Fate Core

Allomancy In Fate Core
Here’s a quick version of Allomancy from Mistborn done in Fate Core – this shows how flexible the system is, if nothing else. This will make little sense for those who haven’t read the Mistborn series but this extremely spoiler-laden Wikipedia article may help.
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Space Conflicts in Fate Core

Following some discussion on the Fate Core Google+ Group in this thread I said I would write in a bit more detail about how I would handle space conflicts in Fate Core from fighter attacks to capital ship on capital ship action to large fleet battles. So, here goes nothing!

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The Problem Of Uncertainty

I enjoy reading Internet debates; in particular I enjoy reading what happens when rationality and irrationality collide. The Web serves as no-man’s land in the battles between the forces of religion and atheism; science and pseudoscience; superstition and logic.

As I read and participate in more of these debates I am coming to realise that there exists a fundamental problem affecting the marshalling of evidence for deployment against the enemy. Partly a consequence of the glut of information available online, I refer to it as the Problem of Uncertainty.

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An Open Letter to American Christians Who Speak Out Against Homosexuality Because of Their Religion

Dear Christian,

I know it’s difficult when the view you hold and believe is right becomes threatened by the prevailing social norms of the society in which you live. What you’re going through now is quite similar to the trauma suffered by the people who believed ‘blacks’ were less human and worthy of rights and respects than ‘whites’.

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