The Secrets of Cats – Animals & Threats – Bonus Content

I asked people to keep an eye on my blog to get hold of all the extra content that I created for backers of my Kickstarter campaign for “The Secrets of Cats: Animals & Threats”.

This post is the one they were keeping an eye out for!

One of the reward tiers allowed people to get Virtual Pets. These are write-ups of their favourite pets in the form of a “Secrets of Cats” character. Everyone who wanted me to create one of these has given me their blessing to share them with the world at large, so here’s a link to my Virtual Pets folder.

Several kind people also backed at a high level and became entitled to a write-up on a sapient animal or threat of their choice. I’ve compiled the resulting work into a single bonus-content PDF which is available from DriveThru RPG. You can also get the bonus content here.

I hope you will all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Stay tuned for book three in a few months: “The Secrets of Cats: Feline Magic”.

3 thoughts on “The Secrets of Cats – Animals & Threats – Bonus Content

  1. Quite interesting, thanks.

    I thing I would critic about Secrets of Cats is its license. It’s too bad it’s not under Creative Commons, like Fate Core is. I was going to work on a localization (translation), but I have to admit that now it seems like a lot of work just for a couple of players instead of some more people.

    1. That’s due to the fact that Evil Hat are licensing all of their addons for Fate Core under a different license. You could speak with Evil Hat to see if they might be interested in licensing a translation, though?

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