Rabbits and Leporine Magic

In his lovely review over at DieHard GameFAN Alex Lucard expressed an interest in rabbits and the magic that herbivores might have. So here are a few notes on rabbits in The Secrets of Cats and the form their magic takes…

Fire Shaman Rabbit

Most rabbits aren’t sapient, but there are some who are. Some are individual sapients leading warrens of their less enlightened kind but others end up leaving their birth warrens to travel the world, and sometimes they meet up with other sapient rabbits to found their own warren. In those cases, the entire warren is made up of sapient leporines.

Leporine magic is shamanistic in nature. When a rabbit shows an aptitude for magic she eats certain leaves and berries and goes on a totem quest (essentially Astral Projection as per the Seeking power). While on this quest the rabbit meets many dangerous spirits and strange situations and must win her way through. If she succeeds, she meets a spirit who matches her fundamental personality and enters a bargain with it.

Most rabbits bargain with spirits of nature or the elements–growth, plants, wind, rain, fire. Some instead find urban spirits or emotion spirits, with a very few twisted leporines joining forces with ghosts, spirits of death or decay, or spirits of hatred or pain.

Once a rabbit has bonded with a spirit, she becomes its anchor. If the spirit is ever killed it will reform at her location some time later. In exchange for providing the spirit this protection (and ability to interfere with the mundane world), the spirit lends its supernatural powers to the rabbit.

From then on the rabbit can tap into her totem’s spirit stunts, using them for herself. She must pay the stress to activate each stunt, using her own bodily strength or sanity to fuel the magic in place of the spirit’s own essence.

From time to time the spirit will provide the rabbit with information or ask her to perform services for it. If the rabbit fails to keep up a positive relationship with her spirit then eventually their bond will sour and the spirit may directly attack her or engineer harm to befall her.

3 thoughts on “Rabbits and Leporine Magic

  1. Hi, in from elsewhere and not seeing the joyous news about the new ‘Cats’ supplement, but just confirming that this is *not* part of the Patreon releases and that I should pony up if I think it’s worth the keeping.

    1. Yes, that’s right! I’ve produced it independently via Kickstarter (but with Evil Hat’s blessing), so apart from the money I got from the Kickstarter, most of which went on actually paying for the book, the only money I’m getting for this is what people pay at DriveThru. Though I’m also thinking about putting a ‘tip’ button somewhere.

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