Running “The Secrets of Cats” in Fate Accelerated Edition

I chose to use Fate Core for this game because I like the granularity of skills and I knew that I was planning to deal with feline magic as a group of special skills. However, several people have asked for guidance on running the game in Fate Accelerated Edition so here are my thoughts on how you might do that.

Character Creation

Use the standard Fate Accelerated character creation except with the aspects from The Secrets of Cats and cats get three magical stunts and three normal stunts.


I spent a while thinking about the standard Approaches (Quick, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Sneaky and Careful) and whether or not I’d change any of them for a Secrets game. You could change them to more cat-centric options purely for flavour but personally I think the standard set are broad enough to cover the range of activities likely to be undertaken by cats and would stick with them accordingly.


Because we no longer have a specific skill for each type of magic we need another way to deal with feline magic.I propose the addition of the following stunts:

Warding Practitioner

This stunt unlocks the ability to do the things described under the Warding skill and to take non-exclusive Warding stunts. Warding rolls normally use Careful.

Naming Practitioner

This unlocks the ability to do the things described under the Naming skill and to take non-exclusive Naming stunts. Naming rolls normally use Clever.

Shaping Practitioner

This stunt unlocks the ability to do the things described under the Shaping skill and to take non-exclusive Shaping stunts. Shaping rolls normally use Forceful.

Seeking Practitioner

This stunt unlocks the ability to do the things described under the Seeking skill and to take non-exclusive Seeking stunts. Seeking rolls normally use Flashy.

While each of the schools of magic usually uses a particular approach, some stunts will suggest a different approach. Individual cats may also be able to provide a compelling argument for using a different approach.

Magical stunts that suggest a different approach than the one listed above are:


Invisibility – Sneaky

Cat Walk – Clever


Harm – Forceful


Disguise – Sneaky


Psychometry – Clever

Instead of assigning an approach to each school of magic or magical stunt, you could let the player’s description suggest the most suitable approach for any given action.

Cats become the master of a school of magic as usual by naming it in their High Concept. If you’re using a fixed approach for each school, their apex approach must be the one appropriate to the school they master.


Each cat manages her territory with an approach of her choice. This is the approach she uses to obtain favours and otherwise take actions that would normally use the Territory skill, and she can have a number of negative Territory aspects equal to that approach (See page 12).


Fate Accelerated is ultimately just Fate Core with a few dials set differently, and the tweaks I’ve proposed in this article should let you run Secrets in Fate Accelerated without too many problems. However, none of this has been playtested and if you can see any potential problems or encounter them in play, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Running “The Secrets of Cats” in Fate Accelerated Edition

  1. Since the magic skills would be stunts unter FAE, would you increase the number of free magic stunts or simply state that the “Magic Ability” stunts do not count against the number of magic or normal stunts?

    1. I would count them as one of the three magical stunts. That’s because you don’t have to take a special skill to unlock the ability and can often use your strongest approach, so it feels better balanced this way.

  2. I would probably recommend treating Territory as its own separate Approach, as it’s a rather important part of the setting for one to automatically have as their highest Approach.

  3. Well, that’s balanced by the fact that everyone would have their peak approach to manage their Territory, so it would mostly be a form of inflation, I suppose? Making it a separate approach is definitely an option, though.

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