The Secrets of Cats – Playtest Characters

Since The Secrets of Cats was released yesterday (buy it here), I’ve had a few requests for sample characters.

First of all, William McDuff has written up some excellent pregenerated characters based on the Black Silver adventure in the book, and you can find those here. You could easily pick these up and run with them if you wanted to.

I’ve managed to dig up most of the scraps of paper that my playtest group wrote their characters Tack, Black Paw, Swift and Nameless down on now and am pleased to present them as an alternative set of pregenerated characters for use with The Secrets of Cats.


Tack is a very possessive cat who lives from house to house and considers all the residents of his street to be his Burdens. He often gets into trouble by stealing shiny things, and this has led to him being violently ejected from at least one of the houses on his street. In his defence, if that human didn’t want ashes to be spilt indoors, she shouldn’t have put them on a high shelf inside a shiny object, should she now?

High Concept: Greedy Fortune Seeker

Trouble: Kleptomaniac

Burden: All The People In My Street

True Name: Trophy Keeper

Free Aspect: An Eye For Value


Great (+4): Seeking

Good (+3): Notice, Rapport

Fair (+2): Athletics, Territory, Deceive

Average (+1): Investigation, Empathy, Will, Stealth


Astral Projection (Seeking)

Psychometry (Seeking)

Insatiable Curiosity (Will)

Mysterious (Territory)

Nine Lives (General)

Stubborn (Will)

Stress & Consequences

Physical: OO

Mental: OOO

Mild, Moderate & Severe Consequences

Black Paw

Black Paw is a dark grey cat with a single black paw, and opted to keep his kitten name when he reached adulthood. He and his brother were adopted from an animal shelter by a loving family, and when their youngest daughter Lily was born both brothers vowed to protect her from any harm. When Lily was a baby something terrible came to attack her in her crib, and Black Paw was forced to choose between saving his brother and saving Lily. He chose to uphold his vow and sacrificed his brother to save the child, thus earning his True Name of Oath-Keeper. Now, Black Paw protects Lily for the sake of both himself and his brother.

High Concept: Territorial Tomcat Warden

Trouble: Overly Jealous

Burden: Lily (six-year-old girl, youngest of three kids in a stable family)

True Name: Oath-Keeper

Free Aspect: I Can’t Be There All The Time


Great (+4): Fight

Good (+3): Warding, Athletics

Fair (+2): Physique, Will, Stealth

Average (+1): Lore, Notice, Deceive, Rapport


Cat Walk (Warding)

Shadow Armor (Warding)

Absorb (Warding)

Quiet Paws (Stealth)

Well Organized (General)

Iron Will (Will)

Stress & Consequences

Physical: OOO

Mental: OOO

Mild, Moderate & Severe Consequences


High Concept: Shaper Who’s Gentle By Day and Murderous By Night

Trouble: Bouts of Psychotic Murderous Intent

Burden: Novice Crazy Cat Lady

True Name: Night-Huntress

Free Aspect: You Scratch My Back And I’ll Scratch Yours


Great (+4): Athletics

Good (+3): Shaping, Stealth

Fair (+2): Naming, Fight, Rapport

Average (+1): Territory, Will, Provoke, Notice


Bless/Curse (Naming)

Shadow Form (Shaping)

A Knack for Change (Shaping)

Change Size (Shaping)

Pounce (Fight)

Night Terror (Provoke)

Stress & Consequences

Physical: OO

Mental: OOO

Mild, Moderate & Severe Consequences


Nameless is a large Maine Coon with a troubled past. He once did something so terrible that it caused the neighbourhood’s Parliament to place him under a suspended sentence of death. If he fails to toe the line he is at risk of the sentence being carried out.

High Concept: Wildcat Seeker

Trouble: The Doom of Damocles

Burdens: The Erikson Family

True Name: Path Walker

Free Aspect: Air of Mystery


Great (+4): Deceive

Good (+3): Will, Seeking

Fair (+2): Fight, Warding, Athletics

Average (+1): Prowl, Territory, Hide, Empathy


Invisibility (Warding)

Prognostication (Seeking)

Dreanwalking (Seeking)

Many Lives ( Lore)

Method Actor (Deceive)

Takes One To Know One (Deceive)

Stress & Consequences

Physical: OO

Mental: OOOO

Mild, Moderate & Severe Consequences

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