Antihero: The Badass

(This is a tongue in cheek rebuttal to Ryan Macklin’s “Katanas and Trenchcoats“)

You are an immortal hero in the vein of “Highlander” or “The Legacy of Kain”. Whether your immortality is simply a part of your nature or is a curse inflicted on you by a vampire or werewolf, you have suffered much over your many years. But you have been tempered by your suffering and become stronger because of it.

Now, as your city stands on the brink of darkness and chaos, you are ready. You’re not the hero that your city deserves, but you’re the hero that it needs.

Character Creation

Pick out the following Aspects:

  1. High Concept
  2. Tragic Flaw
  3. Unique Edge

…and two additional aspects of your own choice that flesh out your character and his personality.

Example: The legendary vampire vigilante Maximus Decimus has the High Concept of Vampire Ex-Gladiator. His Tragic Flaw is Power Corrupts and his Unique Edge is his Indestructible Gladius. He takes Every Affair Ends in Tragedy and Weary of Politics as his remaining two aspects.

Then allocate Approaches in the pattern of 1 x Great, 2 x Good, 2 x Fair, 1 x Average. The available Approaches are:

  • Celerity (Speed is the essence)
  • Cunning (Out-thinking your foe is the key)
  • Awe-inspiring (The show’s the thing)
  • Obfuscation (Hiding, sneaking and using other sneaky tactics)
  • Fortitude (You take the abuse and keep on going)
  • Potency (You like to take the direct, forceful approach)

Example: Maximus takes the following Approaches: Great – Fortitude; Good – Celerity, Awe-Inspiring; Fair -Potency, Cunning; Average – Obfuscation.

Finally you get to purchase three stunts as normal. You may gain additional refresh for stunts by taking Flaws. Flaws may represent your supernatural nature or they may relate to physical or mental issues that your character needs to deal with. Flaws never give a straightforward -2 penalty but instead complicate your character’s life in some way.

Example: Maximus takes the following Stunts and Flaws:

We Who Are About To Die Salute You: When Maximus is about to enter battle against a single opponent he gets to make a free Mental attack with his Awe-Inspiring approach as he utters a few words in a dignified way, putting the fear of death into his opponent. This may be resisted with Fortitude (-1).

Sustained by the Blood of the Living: Maximus cannot heal without imbibing human blood. Doing so allows him to heal all his stress in one exchange, or a consequence in two exchanges. He inflicts the same amount of stress he heals on his victim. This ability cannot heal an Extreme consequence. (-1 – instant healing is a two stunt effect but it’s offset by the flaw of needing to harm others to achieve it)

Forbidden from Sunlight: Maximus is harmed by sunlight. On an overcast, cloudy day with all of his skin covered this would be an attack at Average, naked in the blazing noonday sun this would be an attack at Legendary (+1)

Blood Potency: Maximus burns some of his life-sustaining blood to increase his Potency by four for the remainder of the scene. In order to activate this ability he must take a Consequence. (-1)

There Can Be Only One: When maximus wins a single combat he may immediately heal his lowest Consequence as the thrill of victory surges through him. (-1)

…and that’s it! Enjoy playing your badasses of the night!

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