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GM’s Blog – Geist: the Sin-Eaters – 28th May 2012

The heat wave is continuing and the hot weather is definitely having an impact on my energy levels when I’m running games. It leaves me feeling hot, sticky and distractable and these aren’t a great combination when I’m attempting to pay attention to one thing for around three hours. The group was also split into three pairs meaning that for a majority of the session I could only work with two of them at a time, without huge numbers of NPCs around for them to play for each other, either.

Having said that I was actually reasonably pleased with the way the session ran. From my perspective Ithink the time division for each player was more or less equal, though it’s fiendishly difficult to keep track of such a thing when one’s group is split into more than two parts.

The scene with the hanging ghost developed nicely. Barry used Plasm to wake him from his deathly slumber for a conversation and found that the ghost was not entirely honest. When asked what could possibly be keeping him bound to the earthly plane if he had died during an autoerotic asphyxiation experiment the ghost could only suggest that perhaps he needs to see his wife again.

When he went back downstairs to speak with Toby and the haunting victim, Barry found that the ghost acted somewhat disturbingly and threateningly towards the young woman. During the conversation her T-shirt’s neckline was plucked and her jogging bottoms fell down, all while the ghost stared at her lustfully.

As a result they decided that it could be hazardous to leave the ghost there and went to detach the clothing rail to which he was anchored so they could take it (and him) with them. He wasn’t too keen on this but Barry was able to subdue him with minor violence.

We got a thoroughly enjoyable scene shortly after that when the group returned to the Twilight Investigations offices. Dr Clarke had a hostile initial meeting with the ghost, who shattered a window in anger. In response Clarke crushed him with a supernatural power that made him leak his ectoplasm all over the place. It was fun to see Clarke in avenging psycho mode!

Meanwhile Clarke and Joe met with the man who suspected his wife to be having an affair with her deceased ex-husband. They didn’t like the guy too much due to the smarm factor (which was fun to play) but decided that they would investigate the case. They got some details and decided to commence with mundane surveillance.

The guy had some, essentially, pornographic photos of his wife in the throes of passion with an invisible person, making me wonder again if my reputation from a few years back of being the Porn GM wasn’t kind of deserved…

Later, Toby and Ian Drake went to investigate the missing black cats. They got to speak to a feisty thirteen-year-old girl who’d constructed a Powerpoint presentation giving them the details of the case and who had also done her research about retainers and so forth, even going so far as to raise cash from the other families who had lost their feline friends.

Toby was able to find her cat extremely quickly with use of the Primeval Boneyard. Projecting his senses into the cellars and sheds and other hiding places in a two mile radius from where the cats had vanished let him locate the ritual trappings of a satanist in the cellar of a house, her cat still alive and in a cage.

He and Ian went to explore the house, breaking and entering, and were briefly trapped inside by a strange kind of mental warding effect; I was very happy with this scene because I enjoyed the way this posed a brief challenge and a bit of a “what the fuck?” factor without being too complex to get over. It also gave a reason for Dr Clarke to be involved in the scene despite not being there in person, because they telephoned him for occult advice on how to bypass the ward.

They pledged to go back and investigate or confront the Satanist himself at the next available opportunity.

Joe meanwhile made preparations to spy on the woman (allegedly) having an affair with her dead husband.

So the game as a whole was a collection of shortish scenes that worked very well together, giving the feel of plenty of events bubbling along under the surface that the group can be investigating. Some of the players were playing Megamek during the game but as a turn-based game that didn’t seem to interfere overly with their attention.

I can’t think of any particularly egregious errors that I would correct if I ran the session again and the players all seemed to have a good time, so on the whole I think this was a pretty successful session despite the heat and tiredness.

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