An Open Letter to American Christians Who Speak Out Against Homosexuality Because of Their Religion

Dear Christian,

I know it’s difficult when the view you hold and believe is right becomes threatened by the prevailing social norms of the society in which you live. What you’re going through now is quite similar to the trauma suffered by the people who believed ‘blacks’ were less human and worthy of rights and respects than ‘whites’.

It’s the same as the feeling had by the men who persuaded by the suffrage movement to give women the vote, despite all of the solid biblical evidence that confirmed their belief that women are supposed to be subordinate to men.

These people undoubtedly felt bullied by the vocal few who supported equality for black people, and for women. But years later, a majority looks upon the changes that were wrought and agrees they were right.

The same is true of homosexuality. People don’t defend homosexuality because they think it’s cool, or because the devil makes them do it, or because they are being pressurised by the homosexual elite. They do it because they think it’s right.

Each and every one of you who uses the bible as a defence for your stance on the state of being homosexual is a hypocrite, picking and choosing from the text of the bible to uphold your prejudice.

The bible declaims homosexuality and it also insists you keep the Old Laws of the jews; but Jesus overrode all of that, right? So you turn to the Epistles of St. Paul to maintain your homophobia, yet St. Paul also believed in the status of women as slaves. Why aren’t you all campaigning on a facebook group for those victimised by women’s groups?

Your worst crime is one of a failure to empathise. Imagine you were born into a world where same-sex couples were the norm. You would grow up feeling strange urges to be with a women that would be abnormal and wrong to your society and you would be made to feel guilt and shame. You would try to make the feelings go away, but you wouldn’t be able to. People would tell you they’d pray for you. They’d tell you that it’s okay to be straight as long as you never act on it. They’d tell you god loves you, but hates the sin of your heterosexuality.

How would you feel?

How would you feel to be denied the hope of a loving relationship with a person you feel an emotional and physical attraction to? Being told that unless you live your life as celibate as a priest you’re a sinner and damned?

No matter what you may have been told, homosexuality is not a choice. Did you choose to be heterosexual?

The concept of being bullied by homosexual groups is in itself ridiculous. By definition a bully must be stronger, more forceful, more powerful than the bullied; that simply is not the case here. The United States is built on a foundation of freedom and tolerance, including freedom OF and FROM religion.

Yet you believe you have the right to dictate other people’s morality according to your own religion. You believe you have the right to control what other people believe and to treat people as second class citizens simply because they have an emotional and physical attraction to members of their own sex.

At the same time you demand protections for your own beliefs. You decry atheist billboards, you try to control the education of not just your children but everybody else’s. You think that what you believe to be true must be protected from any dissent or criticism yet reserve the right to talk as loudly as you like about anybody else’s beliefs.

I am sure a majority of you will disregard this message, even if it isn’t deleted. However if even one of you reads it and finds cause to reflect on your thoughts or beliefs then I’m glad I took the time to write it.

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